Freshers' Week Events

Details of Freshers' Week 2014 will be released soon.


In the meantime, take a look at what Freshers' Week 2013 had to offer...



Monday 30th September:




Caedmon Hall - 8pm - £12.00 (including
t-shirt for event)


A team of super-intelligent scientists in Sweden have conclusively proven that you’re more likely to make new friends whilst making a complete fool of yourself… so there’s no better way to start your freshers’ experience than the Icebreaker Gameshow. It’s your chance to get up on stage (if you want!) with the EXEC and FREPs and join in the team games, or cheer from the sidelines as the crazy fun ensues. Plus there will be plenty
of chance to point and laugh as the EXEC & FREPs have to dress up as famous
characters that actually have some talent! This is definitely a must to get the best freshers’ experience possible!


Tuesday 1st October




The Vern – 8pm – FREE


Can I swap you my red legwarmers for your blue t-shirt? What’s it going to take for you to swap your green gloves for my yellow socks? At this event you will arrive with
6 items of different coloured clothes (White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange) and by the end you will hopefully have solved the human puzzle and be in a single colour! How creative can you be?



Wednesday 2nd October




The Vern – 8pm – FREE


This is the first chance of many this year to unleash your fancy dress skills on The
Vern and what better way than as childhood’s classic couple Barbie and Ken! Ball
gown Barbie and tuxedo Ken or Safari Barbie and Captain Ken? The possibilities
are limitless! This couple’s extensive wardrobe is a license to test the limits
of fashion as our Frep/Exec team no doubt will! We don’t do stereotypes at Hild
Bede; bonus points for any chaps in a pink tutu.


 Thursday 3rd October




Hypnotist - Caedmon Hall – 8pm - £5.00


Quiz - The Vern - 9.30pm – Free


Tony Sands is an absolute legend. Smooth, cool and well-travelled, he’s performed on
stages across the world: from Las Vegas to Aidensfield (the setting of ITV’s
Heartbeat). Whether you believe in hypnosis or not (and you will by the end of
this show), it is a hilarious performance, and those who are brave enough can
step forward to let Tony have his way with them, doing anything from speaking
alien languages to stage dancing.


The first Big Bar Quiz of the year will
begin at 9.30pm in The Vernon Arms! Presented by Hild Bede’s own double act
Rory Barnes and Jeremy Smart (Freps extraordinaire), each week is unforgettable.
Expect healthy competition and exciting prizes, first prize normally being a very
hefty bar tab for your team. So the quiz is perfect if you feel like a quieter
night after the first few big ones or if you want to win a large bar tab to
keep the party going!


Saturday 5th October:




Caedmon Hall – 8pm - £10.00


This is the perfect end to what will have been an amazing first week in Hild Bede: one more blow out before the ‘work’ aspect of uni life begins. This night is a famously good event and another chance to test your fancy dress skills with this costume classic. Fancy
yourself more Beauty than Beast? Tonight’s the night to give your favourite
character a go! The party keeps on going with a silent disco going on till 2am.
There’ll be prizes for best dressed individuals and corridors AND a late licence to mark the occasion.  


Sunday 6th October




Caedmon Hall – 6:30pm – FREE (MEETING


Bede Film Soc will be showing one of the summer’s box office smashes on their full size cinema screen in Caedmon Hall, giving you all a chance to recharge your batteries before lectures begin. We also have the first SRC meeting where you vote in who does what and where the SRC funds go!
If you want to help organise any of the balls or events over the next year,
this is the meeting where you can be elected! We will also be having a recap of
your first week in Durham with the annual Freshers’ awards ceremony and also
the first college lottery draw of the year!


Monday 7th October




Caedmon Hall – 8pm - £10.00


After having spent the first week sampling the Durham nightlife we will be carting coach loads of Hild Bede freshers to one of Newcastle’s big nightclubs –DIGITAL! The prices include travel to and from Newcastle and admission into the club so it’s great value, and the safest way to enjoy your first taste of the Toon. This is notoriously one of the most popular trips that we host, so make
sure you get in early!!!


Wednesday 9th





The Vern – 8pm


This Freshers is all about memories; those you already have and making more! What better way to express this theme than with a Back to School Pre-Party! So don your old school tie and blazer, come belt out some cheesy classics on the microphone and show the rest of the uni that Hild Bede do it bigger and better!


Friday 11th October




Caedmon Hall/The Vern – 8pm – FREE


Your first chance to meet your adopted parents, we provide the perfect setting for some good old fashioned family bonding. Have a burger in Caedmon while you get to know your folks and siblings, and watch the orphans get picked up one by one whilst you enjoy some quality Durham chat from your new family!




Induction Extras


Tuesday 1st – ‘Freshers Jog’at 7:15am, meet in Caedmon Hall at 7am


Tuesday 1st - Hild Bede Freshers Fair from 2-5 (sign up for clubs and societies)


Thursday 3rd – Chaplaincy’s ‘Port and Cheese’ evening from 6.30-8pm in theWhittaker Room.


Friday 4th – Dodgeball tournament in Caedmon Hall


Saturday 5th – Durham Tea Crawl, meet in Caedmon Hall at 1.30pm for a relaxed stroll through Durham’s café’s.


Thursday 10th – Bar quiz in The Vern (every Thursday)


 (Please note this schedule is subject to last minute change)




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